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Graduate Testimonials

Sandy +
Most people don’t remember learning to read or how they accomplished it. I remember being confused and terrified. How can you explain to people the world doesn’t look the same to you? I tried to, but the only response I received was to “try harder.” If only it was that easy!
Donka Inc. was an unexpected blessing in my life. A Veritas employee working at the nursing home I volunteered at told me about the program. Donka understood my Dysgraphia/Dyslexia and gave me clear directions, step by step in sequential order. The possibility of being computer literate was unattainable to me without Donka, Incorporated.
Bob Colombo +
My Name is Bob Colombo. I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with CP at birth. I have learned a lot of skills at Donka, including how to do mail merge, manipulate graphics, design documents, create spreadsheets, and do charts. Initially, I was concerned about how I would fare if I got a job that utilized all these skills, and forgetting all the skills I learned. Now I will have no problem. I keep telling my parents about what I have learned and they think it’s unbelievable. I myself am proud just for what I have accomplished at Donka.
Suellyn +
I want to take this opportunity to thank the people of Donka. I am an accident victim that is disabled visually. This past eight months I have been taking computer training at Donka, Inc. I have been working to get back to my job that I was at before the car accident. Donka has been a big help to me and I am sure I will be benefiting from that when I am back to work.

Mary Onorad, Vocational Coordinator for Transition Services, Naperville District 203 Judy Lampa has been an outstanding instructor to one of the district 203 students that attended Donka in 2006-07. She was very knowledgeable of the student’s abilities and guided him to gain skills and confidence with all the computer operations.  She challenged my student to go beyond what he thought he was capable of achieving. By making this program available to transitioning adults through the school systems, these students have been able to go on to employment and college level computer classes. DONKA has opened doors for our students challenged with disabilities.