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Course Length and Audience

Each training course is based on the features of the assistive technologies being taught. Courses are generally 3 – 4 hours in length and are designed for beginner to intermediate users of assistive hardware and software. The course can be modified for the audience to best meet their needs.


Location of the course is typically flexible and can differ from case-to-case based on the needs, size, and preferences of your group. The default option is for Train the Trainer courses to be held at the Donka Computer Lab in the DuPage Care Center (DPCC) in Wheaton, IL. as it has on display all our assistive technologies — including the very few pieces equipment we would not be able to bring off-site. Besides this, it is very common for Donka to go off-site and present at the group’s university or workplace, and it is an option we are happy to accommodate.


Introduction to Assistive Technology: This presentation gives an overview of what Assistive Technology is and how it can help people with disabilities. There will be brief demonstrations of each type of technology Donka offers and examples of how people have used the technology in real-life situations.

Specific Assistive Technology Training: Curious about the options for a person with very specific needs? Learn all the ins and outs of any one (or more!) piece of assistive technology that Donka has to offer:

  • Windows 7 and 10 Accessibility – Custom access features in Microsoft Windows for physically disabled and visually impaired individuals
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – Voice activation software
  • Intellikeys / Intellitalk – Custom word processor with visual and speech features
  • WYNN Scanning Software – Scanning study aid for learning disabled and dyslexic
  • HeadMouse with Wivik – Laser pointer head mouse with on-screen keyboard
  • Word Q and Wivik – Word prediction software
  • Zoomtext software – Screen magnification with speech features
  • JAWS (Job Access with Speech) – Screen reading for individuals who are blind
  • JAWS with MS Word
  • JAWS with MS Excel
  • JAWS with Outlook Express
  • JAWS with Internet
  • Duxbury Braille Translator – Prepare documents from computer to Braille
  • Open Book – Read and Edit documents through scanner

Remote Presentations: Donka’s mobile teacher can conference with your group on any of the Assistive Technology products.

Play Day: Bring your group to our lab where we will set up all of our equipment for you to test drive.  After a quick overview of what we’re working with, you will be able to operate our programs for yourself with the guidance of a Donka instructor.

Easy and Low-tech Solutions: Take a look at some of the accessibility features included on most every personal computer. Great for people who are experienced users, but need “just a little” support, such as slight screen magnification or use of an onscreen keyboard. Work with Donka instructors to best serve your computer needs.

For more information about signing up for a Train the Trainer course, please contact us.