Learning Impairments

To accommodate persons with limited learning disabilities, Donka uses a variety of assistive technology software and hardware for a user to access a computer with independence. They include programs to assist in reading, writing, spelling, and editing information.

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  • IntellikeysA powerful, easy-to-use alternative keyboard that plugs directly into a standard keyboard port and runs any software that responds to keyboard commands
  • Dragon Naturally SpeakingA speech recognition software program that enables students, teachers, and other education professionals to create documents and email, surf the web, navigate their desktop, and moreā€”all by voice
  • Online KeyboardsIncluding WIVIK and Dynamic Keyboard
  • Literacy ToolsStudy and writing tools, including Solo 6, MyStudyBar, WordQ/SpeakQ, word predictions and read-back features
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) Tools Communication tools to give non-verbal children and adults a voice
  • Accessibility on iPadsiPad Accessibility includes VoiceOver, Speak, Guided Access and Siri. iPad Apps include:Dragon Dication, Text-to-Speech, bookreading apps, various note-taking apps and annotations apps
  • WebsitesOnline resources designed to encourage literacy, communication and independence for persons with disabilities
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