Assistive Technology

#3 3Donka strives to keep its inventory of assistive technology state-of-the-art. Staff continuously researches and evaluates new technology and training techniques to make certain that the Donka Lab has the hardware, software, and curriculum that will allow each student to use a computer independently, regardless of disability.

An assistive technology device is defined as any piece of equipment or product system used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of persons with disabilities. An assistive device can be as simple as a modified drawer pull or adapted drinking cup or as complex as a speech synthesizer for a blind person to read a computer screen.

#5Donka is an organization that provides access and training in computers and assistive technology for persons with physical and visual disabilities. Even a person with the most severe physical or visual limitation can access a computer with adaptive equipment and/or software.

Assistive technology and training gives persons with disabilities the ability to be equal with their peers in school, at home and in the workplace.