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About Us

Donka, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides computer training and job readiness services to persons with physical, visual and limited learning disabilities. Through use of computers and assistive technology, our clients become more self-sufficient and independent members of the community.

“I named it DONKA (thank you in Dutch and German) in honor of the thanks I give for the opportunity to work with these extraordinary people who teach me so much each day.”
-Founder Don Van Haveren (1924-1993)

Donka was founded in 1987 by Don Van Haveren, a retired Wheaton businessman, who became friends with residents of the DuPage Convalescent Center where he volunteered. He believed that computer training was the way to increase opportunities for people limited by disabilities. Don’s vision has grown into the only program in the Chicago area that provides free computer training as a means of education leading to employment, and human service leading to more independent living. Many Donka clients are reaching goals they never thought possible.